Yes, they’re ‘real’


If anyone has read the gorgeous Georgina Horne’s blog or followed her on facebook, they’d know how intolerant she is … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day before GG cups

valentines beads small

Hello ladies, it’s been a while, sorry about that. Who knew that babies would grow into toddlers?! Freaky. Anywhoo. Given … Continue reading

Why so damned expensive?

evil small

When I first started out here at dbusted, it was my aim to provide the highest quality bras to the … Continue reading

Curvy Kate’s search for Australia’s Star in a Bra

curvy kate star in a bra full

Be the next d-busted model for the smokin hot lingerie line, Curvy Kate! The¬†gorgeous Georgina from the UK was a … Continue reading

Now We’re Offensive?


Given that a fair portion of the dbusted clothing selection could be worn in an office environment, last week I … Continue reading

Like it wasn’t hard enough…


You’ve got to be kidding me. ¬†Am I the only one in the world with boobs the size of basketballs … Continue reading

Handy thing to take on a picnic


When I was a little girl, my adorable great-grandmother used to tell me a story about a little boy and … Continue reading

Review: Bravado Nursing Tank

bravado nursing tank

Sorry to those non-pregnant women reading my blog, I’ve been carrying on a bit about the baby thing lately, so … Continue reading

Some days I just hate them


I know I should be positive and I know that you guys are all looking for the inspiration that, hell … Continue reading




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