Bra fitting

There are so many websites out there with so much information on how to fit a bra correctly. Forget the tape measure – unless you don’t have an ounce of extra padding on your body, it won’t be accurate.  Instead, lets take a look at you.  Stand in front of your mirror and look for the telltale signs you’re not wearing the correct bra size. Be honest now – people can see most of this stuff when you have clothes on, so it’s worth getting a decent fit!

Symptom Cure
Your band rides up at the back Go down a band size or more
Your boobs can be seen underneath the underwire Go up a cup or more
You look like you have 4 boobs (serious spillage over the top) Go up a cup or more
Your band is not firm (and by firm we mean very snug around your body) If your bra is new, it should be firm on the loosest hook – if not, go down a band or more;
If your bra is not new, it should be firm on the tightest hook – if not, go down a band or more
The underwire looks too far away from your breast tissue when looking under your arms Go down a cup or more – but only if both boobs are like this (we have to cater for the bigger boob!)
The part where the underwires sit directly between your boobs isn’t sitting flat against your chest (we mean FLAT, not almost touching, COMPLETELY flat against your chest plate) Go down a band size or more
Your bra used to be white and now it’s beige
OR the underwires are poking through
OR you’ve been wearing the same bra every day for the last week
Best you head to our store to buy yourself some new lovelies (ok, slightly unrelated)

So the basic rules are:

  1. a very FIRM back (on the loosest hook when new as it will stretch over time)
  2. where the underwires meet between your boobs must be FLAT against your chest
  3. your cups should ENCLOSE all of your biggest boob – sides, bottom and top

None of this is scientific but most of it has to do with your emotions. We’re not joking. As soon as women can get over their fear of the cup size they are (and I’ve not met a woman yet who has not been surprised by her real cup size), the sooner we can all start looking great, feeling comfortable and get those manufacturers to make more stuff in our size! YAY!
Garment fitting

Because each of the hand picked garments in our store were selected specifically because they fit a big bust, you should take a new approach to fitting.  Thanks to dbusted, you no longer have to buy a size 16 top to fit your bust when you’re a size 12 in your bra band.

If you’re a size 10 in the band of your bra, generally speaking, you should fit into a size 10 garment.  If a garment is an exception to this rule, you will find advice on the garment product page itself to guide you.

And, if you’re not entirely happy with the fit the first time – we’ll happily exchange a new size for you and waive the postage (Australian customers only).  So you can rest assured your bust will be nicely dressed at all times.




dbusted brings relief to women with big breasts by providing clothing and lingerie for women sized 6D to 18HH and beyond. Shop online now for great finds and the highest quality brands. Having big boobs is no longer a curse thanks to dbusted!


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