Say hello to F cup models!

Meet our new F cup models, Kristina & Nina!  We had the best girls day ever in our dbusted photoshoot – and we’re pretty proud of the outcome if we do say so ourselves ;)  With the help of one very generous sister-in-law, the girls were dolled up and ready to strike a pose or two.

Stars of the day:

* Kristina, student, size 6F: busty model

* Nina, intern, size 8F: busty model

* Vi, student: makeup artist, hairdresser, stylist, occasional photographer

* Yours truly, dbusted owner, size 12GG: set designer, photographer

Not that I consider myself a star, but my ladies certainly were!  They posed and strutted their stuff in each of our pieces and couldn’t believe how “normal” they looked in every piece!

Your customers won’t believe that we’re F cups in these clothes!  We look small!

Yes, that’s the worst part… the clothes actually looked TOO good!  I even got feedback from a site visitor when the photos were just up (but I hadn’t announced the model sizes yet) that it was hard to tell what the clothes would look like on small busted models!  Small busted – NOPE!  These girls struggle as much as I do with buying bras and clothes.

Nina, size 8F

Nina told me she had to set aside a whole day of shopping, just to buy a bra.  Poor thing :(  Luckily for her, I gave her a nifty strapless bra and her favourite Pinky Ruby shoulder dress from the day as a small thankyou gift.

Checkout her poses in the dbusted shop, we reckon you’ll be impressed. Oh and if you see her out at a club, you’ll definitely wanna bop with her, she has all the moves!

Kristina, size 6F

When I asked Kristina to pick out a few pieces, she loved the Contony black top with lace detail, but in the end, she said that bra shopping was her enemy, so opted for some gorgeous Masquerade Tiffany bras instead.

Sadly, both these girls were wearing poorly fitting bras, so I was very much delighted to be able to help them out :)  There’s nothing better than having a bra that fits well and feels comfy ALL day long (yes, even after getting home from work/uni).

Twas an awesome day of pumping music, flashes going off frantically and loads of laughs. We had a ball, and we sure hope you love the outcome as much as we do!

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